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Ruby Archer's debut album - out now

“Ruby mixes drama and darkness so comfortably. It's all boiling away nicely in her bluesy cauldron.” - Dave Ruby Howe, triple J Music Director

Ruby Archer, an exciting rising young artist from the NSW Central Coast, is leaving an indelible mark on the music scene with her unique songwriting style and electrifying live performances. Having clinched the top spot in the 15 years of triple J Unearthed High competition, Ruby's astounding talent was on full display when she took the stage by storm at Vivid 2023. Her music, characterised by a fresh jazzy sound infused with intense and edgy vibes, takes you on an emotional ride.


With support from Create NSW, Ruby embarked on a transformative journey to record her debut album, "Oh So Tender," over the course of 2022 and 2023. Collaborating with Producer Jack Nigro at The Grove Studios, Ruby ventured into a spectrum of musical genres, experimented with diverse recording techniques, and expanded her horizons in both songwriting and arrangements. The result is a remarkable album that spans the gritty, guitar-driven "New Dream" recorded with her band, the Groovy Doobies, to the mesmerising pop jazz-influenced ballad "Love Again", performed live with a quartet of seasoned jazz musicians. Ruby pushed her boundaries to bring her artistic vision to life.


The album's first single, "New Dream" was met with acclaim, earning a 4 ½ star review from triple J's Music Director Richard Kingsmill and solidifying her status as the winner of the 15 years of triple J Unearthed High competition.  "Crazy" her second single, garnered equally glowing reviews, with triple J's Assistant Music Director, Claire Mooney, describing it as "captivating, enchanting, and unique."

The title track, "Oh So Tender," encapsulates Ruby's honest and vulnerable songwriting, radiating poignant beauty. "Where You Laid Your Head" delves into her intimate connection with music, experimenting with synthesis and pop production elements. "Tend to My Fantasy" is a pulsating banger produced in collaboration with Joshua Craig and the team at DROP.  Ruby re-recorded "Unhealthy Way," "Shiver," and "Purple Fatigue"  from her debut EP, "chamomile tea" as these songs had evolved significantly since forming her band. These three tracks, produced by Adam Jordan at Mainstreet Studios chart Ruby's artistic evolution.


Ruby launched "Oh So Tender" at the inaugural Tubular Music Festival  on the NSW Central Coast. As a special prelude to her release, she performed a solo set at Fade Into You, supporting the internationally acclaimed artist  Gordi at Mooney Mooney Chapel, November 17. It was a special intimate event with an all female line up. The celebration continued November 18 when Ruby and her Groovy Doobies took the stage at the SONICBOOM event at the Sunken Monkey.

Reviews of New Dream 

Thought I had this song pegged after 15 secs, but was way off the mark. Love that guitar ramp up, the drama in it, the tension. The crescendo at the end is bliss - Richard Kingsmill, Group Music Director of triple J

this is niiiiice, love the crunched drums and gritty delivery. song has bars too, lots of slick song-writing throughout! James Brennan, Double J

so good it punched me in the gut but in a good way - Concetto Caristo, triple J Breakfast host


Ruby mixes drama and darkness so comfortably. It's all boiling away nicely in her bluesy cauldron - Dave Ruby Howe, Music Director of triple J Unearthed 

That voice is undeniable! Ruby opens her mouth and I'm locked in for the next 3 and a half mins while she tumbles in the depth and darkness of the drama - Claire Mooney, Assistant Music Director of triple J 

The grit, the power, the energy this has! I feel like it could easily soundtrack a scene where a powerful woman strides in and dishes up some cold, hard revenge. Absolutely unapologetic and captivating - Courtney Fry, News Producer triple J

a dizzying concoction and a voice that won't accept anything short of your full, undivided attention - Joe Khan, Digital Music Programmer triple J

Reviews of Crazy

Such a brooding and impactful song! I can imagine getting really lost in this track, especially seeing it live. Ruby's voice is stunning, it's so exciting to see so much talent so young - Jess Perkins, presenter triple J

Seeing you live made me an instant fan. You've got buckets of raw talent and the vocals remind me a lot of Thelma Plum in her early uploads - Abby Butler, triple J Unearthed Community Producer

It's been a minute since I've heard a voice this captivating and alluring. I love how you simmer in the verses, and then give it your all in that final chorus. Reminds me of Adele's 'Hometown Glory' - Lucy Smith, triple J presenter

This one feels equal parts captivating, enchanting and unique. I love the way this one fills with drama and mystery - and that voice is wild. It's such a weapon. Another stand out from Ruby in this year's Unearthed High competition - Claire Mooney, Assistant Music Director of triple J 

Ruby launched Oh So Tender at the
Prelude performance - solo
November 17
Launch performance - with the Groovy Doobies
November 18
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